Who really am I!!

Why I am making timepass Videos? and what is this Channel for?


MD Sofikul I.F

My name is MD Sofikul I.F, I am 25 years of Old. I am a Freelancer Graphics Designer & YouTube Design Expert from Bangladesh. On my Channel I create Photoshop & YouTube Designing Educational Videos. I love to Make Videos and Run My Channel is my First Love when its come to design. And My focus is to share my Small Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop


When I started my Channel, I focus on the main Graphics design Software. I use their First 3 Letter Like (Photoshop –Pho), (Illustrator-ill), (Corel Draw- Cor). And Finally Graphics- Phics. I Combine all of them and created that name of 


YouTube Channel!

I was learning and doing all the practices. Then I make some screen record video of my work. My focus on graphics design. Because in Our Country there is no University or Collage that does teach Graphics Design or These software. We have to learn from small institute & From Others. So it’s very difficult to learn to become a professional. And then I started taking course from different side, like Udemy, Lynda, Skill share, Linkedin, Domestika. And I make small videos of what I practice and I upload them into my channel. And this is how my channel grows. 

But now I am focusing on my channel, And I will Create Informative Photoshop Content for everyone